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A beautiful Ghanaian by descent, who was raised in Canada by her two incredible parents, Rosalind was keenly involved in music from a young age. She is one of several worship leaders at Calvary Worship Centre and serves as part of the leadership team in the church.

The Gospel Scene TV

Watch Rosalind’s appearance on Gospel Scene TV, as she discusses the need for a Revival, and performs her new song “Sing a Song of Worship”.

In Rosalind’s Words

When we read the Bible we see that praise and worship was a congregational event that we all participated in together! We have lost that in many cultures… That’s not how God intended it to be. It’s time to bring it back.Rosalind Ononeze
Prayer has a way of changing us more than changing God. So when we put ourselves in a place of desperation– yes we’re seeking God for certain answers– but it’s getting into that place where you can hear his voice.Rosalind Ononeze
Worship is supposed to be a moment when divinity touches earth. Angels worship in our very midst and God comes and dwells in the praises of His people… It’s beyond human understanding.Rosalind Ononeze

Rosalind Live

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