A beautiful Ghanaian by descent, who was raised in Canada by her two incredible parents, Rosalind Ononeze was keenly involved in music from a young age. She began piano lessons at the age of five and has been playing on stages ever since. Her passion for music landed her in a career of teaching and educating children in music. She is married to her amazing husband and musician Kenneth Ononeze and reside in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Rosalind is based and rooted in ethno-centric Calvary Worship Center – the second largest multi-cultural, non-denominational church in North America, where she enjoys worshiping with her church family. She is one of several worship leaders at Calvary and serves as part of the leadership team in her church.

“Worship is supposed to be a moment when divinity touches earth. Angels worship in our very midst and God comes and dwells in the praises of His people. We have the privilege of engaging in that. It’s beyond human understanding.”

Rosalind believes in the vision of the body of Christ being the focal point for discipleship. She offers herself where she can and believes being part of a body is essential for the growth of any believer. Her heart for God and passion for worship is what has fueled her zest for God and His people. Understanding how God uses the power of music to break boundaries and blur cultural lines, she has worked hard to allow her music to be accessible no matter your cultural context.

“When we read the Bible we see that praise and worship was a congregational event that we all participated in together! We have lost that in many cultures. Worship has turned into a stand and watch the band rock out. That’s not how God intended it to be. It’s time to bring it back.”